Fuse Magazine USA – Volumen 65 PDF

Fuse Magazine USA - Volumen 65 PDF

Fuse Magazine USA – Volumen 65 2021
English | 132 pages | True PDF | 38 MB



Fuse was founded as a platform to showcase and promote the best photographers, models, and designers from around the world, whose work celebrates the beauty of the female form by blending the artistic and the erotic. With Fuse, we go back to a classic principle of photography, where enticing photos are high in quality and concept, meant to last forever and be seen by all, rather than something to hide or be ashamed of taking or looking at.
Whether the context is alternative, vanilla, or anything in-between, a thoughtful photo of a beautiful lady is timeless; someone deemed this image picture-perfect, a flash of time worth capturing. Through the lens of the photographer, we can see these women preserved as they are in that moment, beautiful and sexy forever.

Fuse Magazine USA Volumen 65

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